The Court System And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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With the recent decisions to refrain from bringing charges, many have begun to question the whole grand jury system. This situation has caused certain “leaders in New York [to call] for special prosecutors, or the attorney general, to investigate all fatal encounters” (McKinley & Baker, n.d.). Legal experts have said that because the prosecutors select a “special grand jury to investigate police-related deaths, they insulate themselves from the final decision, while appearing to fulfill the public desire for an independent review” (McKinley & Baker, n.d.). Due to these ongoing problems many citizens feel betrayed by the court system as evidenced by the Grand Jury decision not to indict the officers who were accused of the death of Eric Garner. The decision to not indict is important because it is vital to understand that a grand jury proceeding does not include a jury. Because of this, many lose faith in the system when an indictment is handed down, whereas they may be more likely to accept a decision that was reached by a jury. To the public it “shows that there can be no justice for Garner – or anyone else, especially if they are African American, if they find themselves in a similar tragic circumstances” (Capehart, 2014). Many citizens also feel betrayed by their own communities according to a report by the United Nations. Latinos and African Americans, in particular, have very low confidence in law enforcement and large portions of these communities believe police are…

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