The Course Of The Semester Essay

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Over the course of the semester, I have been placed in Hopewell Junior School. I worked with an intervention specialist, Gina Ottlinger. Mrs. Ottlinger works with both seventh and eighth grade students, specializing in math and reading intervention, and inclusion in all content. I was used as assistance in the classroom, and worked with Mrs. Ottlinger to create accommodations on assessments. I also worked with her to create informal assessments, using observations to gage where students’ learning is. Mrs. Ottlinger had 9 students on her IEP caseload, of these students, 5 were boys and 4 were girls. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she had two periods where she engaged in one-on-one reading intervention with two male students, both students were diagnosed with an SLD. Mrs. Ottlinger was a great mentor, and was open with what interventions and assessments she was implementing. The student I worked with through the creation of the assessment was Matthew; he is diagnosed with an SLD, dyslexia.
B. Assessment Events
Most of Mrs. Ottlinger’s assessments were informal and formative. However, I was able to give a formal writing assessment. Based on my assessment plan, the main assessment that I was able to create and implement was a formative and summative assessment, used at the end of a lesson to evaluate student knowledge, on writing a 5-paragraph essay. It is summative because it shows what students know at the end of the lesson, and formative because it also informs students…

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