The Course Of The Semester Essay

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Over the course of the semester, I endured many challenges that I was able to eventually overcome. At the beginning of the semester one of the challenges I faced was time management. One of the reasons that this happened is that the class met once a week and I was accustomed to meeting with my professors twice a week. For this reason, at the beginning of the course adjusting to the workload was an issue. Since the class met once a week, I left most of the readings and reflections that were assigned for the night before. This is in turn negatively affected my performance in class. I was not being productive when my professor asked questions regarding the reading. Procrastination interfered with my sleeping which did not allow me to work productively. I was not prepared to discuss the material in class which was detrimental to my participation grade. By doing assignments the night before, I was not putting in my best effort. This prolonged for the first few weeks of school until I eventually adapted to having the class once a week. I began writing the assignments on my planner and on my phone so I would constantly be reminded that I had other work due the last day of the week. Once I adapted to this change, I was now fully engaged in class, asking and answering questions because I was prepared.
After we read and analyzed a few stories, we were assigned our first writing assignment. I decided to write about the narration and point of view on Puppy. After writing my first draft…

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