The Course Of The Semester Essay

1511 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
Over the course of the semester I feel my writing has improved considerably compared to when I first walked into this class. When I was getting ready for this class, my expectation was that this class would be like high school english, where we focused our time on proper grammar and writing bland and thoughtless essays. At first it did seem like this was going to be the case. However, as we got further into semester, I realized we were building towards something much greater than just thoughtless essays. Every assignment was like a level, where you learn different tactics to help you on the next level. From the summary on Revision by Harris, to the Digital Forum, we were learning different argument and rhetoric strategies to aid us in creating the final 10 page paper. Compared to my previous knowledge on writing I feel my writing has definitely expanded this semester. Coming from high school I was taught that for any essay you need an introduction with thesis, 3 body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and a conclusion. On top of that essays in high school were scenario based where you are given a prompt and then you decide to support or negate it. Now the essays are about creating your own thesis and supporting it with researched information. The essays are thought provoking and require attention to detail to create the best argument. I have learned how to summarize, use rhetoric appeals, and use different argument strategies in order to further develop my writing. But…

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