The Course Of 30 Trials Essay

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In this experiment, data was gathered through the course of 30 trials. In each trial there were 2 lines shown, and the task of the participant was to adjust one line to match the size of the target line. The target line varied as to its orientation, sometimes displayed horizontally and sometimes vertically. The length of the target line did not every change, it was consistently 100 pixels in length, and varied only in the orientation (Sage, 2016). The adjustable matching line was always horizontally orientated for all of the trials. The total trials was split according to vertical or horizontal orientations, with 15 trials having a vertical alignment and 15 trials having a horizontal alignment, and the order was random. For this experiment, the independent variable is the direction of the line (vertical or horizontal), and the dependent variable is the adjusted length of the matching line. This experiment allows measures of central tendency to be studied, and also a comparison between the averages of the vertical and horizontal line matching. Due to an optical illusion that makes a vertical line seem longer than a horizontal line, even when equal in length, it is predicted that the matching horizontal line will produce a mean that is longer than 100 pixels when the target line is vertical. The matching horizontal line should come close to a mean of 100 pixels when the target line is horizontally situated.
Visual Representation of Data and Results Measures of central…

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