The Country Of The United States Essay

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To have a better life is to have success and happiness, but in many countries around the world; it is difficult to have a bright future. The country of the United States has other people around the world wanting a change of the American dream and how they are allow to follow those dreams of theirs. In their very own country, they are not allow to do certain things that they wanted to do to become successful in their lives or to do something that they dream of doing. People believe that the only way to ever making those dream come true is to leave what they have behind and start a new journey somewhere else like in America. America was built by immigrants and which cause this country to be significant in numerous things that other country are not allow to do base on theirs laws. Over millions of immigrants travel to the United States every year just to have a better life. According to Gilbert, undocumented can sometimes be a struggle and there has to be a change like the DREAM Act. Some come with their families, so that their family could start fresh and have a better chance of success. Some immigrants have come into this country the lawful way and others just don’t. This has become arduous situation because some that come into the country illegally do bad things that it ruins the chance of other illegal immigrants. It’s like a stereotype of all immigrants do no good for this country when it the complete opposite. The children of this immigrants are the ones that suffering.…

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