Essay about The Country Of North Korea

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There are many developmental issues in the country of North Korea; for example, low standards of living, high levels of inequality, and underdeveloped markets. These are three out of the five common characteristics of underdeveloped countries. I chose this country because there are high levels of inequality. These inequalities consists of power and education. Thomas Apotle, the writer of an article discussed high levels of unequal opportunities that “focused on inequality of wealth or income rather than on collective-action problems.” When Apotle made this statement he was implying that there are not enough ideas going around to improve these problems. The unequal opportunities in North Korea are extremely high and there is an extreme gap in between the upper and lower class.
Kim Jong-Un the dictator/leader of North Korea has all the power which is one of the main contributing factors as to why inequalities are so high. Everyone in the country of Korea is at the mercy of Kim Jong-Un. The way Jong-Un runs the country is similar to totalitarianism. He is the government and has total control of what society does in their public and private lives. For instance, his citizens have to be very secretive of what they watch in their own homes since foreign films are prohibited in that country. If caught watching or selling these films that person and their family can be executed. Kim Jong-Un is power hungry and tries to convince everybody in the country that the way they…

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