The Country Of Iran And The Islamic Revolution Essay

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When the people of a country seeks independence from a corrupt regime, they should take care that they too don’t end up replacing the regime they were fighting to escape. The country of Iran suffers this fate multiple times. The first example is “in 1979,[when] a revolution took place[in Iran]. It was later called ‘the Islamic revolution’” . When the shah had first come into power, he had been supported by the people of Iran and had proclaimed that he was going to establish a republic or a representative democracy. However, he turned his back on this promise. When the shah had come into power, he had elected a prime minister in order to establish democracy, Mossadegh, the former prince of Iran. His first betrayal against the people occurred when he removed the prime minister and, refusing to elect a new one, he becomes an authoritative monarch. Because of this, after a long sleep of 2500 years, [a] revolution has finally awakened the people . The people of Iran now consider the shah to be illegitimate because of his betrayals, along with other crimes that were committed through him. These crimes include massacres by the police, violent suppressions of demonstrations, and corruption in the shah’s regime. Additionally, the people of Iran are now fighting for a republic, where their voices will be heard instead of suppressed, and the corruption will be removed like the cancer it is. Ironically, the people of Iran are fighting to establish a republic, which was…

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