The Country Of Colombia 's Economic Growth Essay

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1. The events of history have proved to be a benchmark for Colombia and its forward progress to prosper in a world that is in constant change. The economy and resources that make the country of Colombia sustainability will continue to grow for future economic gains and production of the country’s viable rich resources for the means of exports for other countries throughout the world. The country of Colombia’s political and social relations outreach has made progress towards a foundation of standards with partnering countries, in particular with the United States (US). The US and its interests by the country of Colombia have a deep and rich history with tension and apprehension, but over the years have come to a better understanding of free trade, business obligations and military presence for future growth.

2. The country of Colombia’s major economic growth prospers from their vast rolling hills of coffee bean fields, vegetation and natural resource. According to the Infoplease encyclopedia, agriculture has traditionally been the chief economic activity in Colombia. An extremely wide variety of crops are grown, depending on altitude, but coffee is by far the major crop and its price on the world market has affected Colombia 's economic health.1 Colombia’s coffee productions relies on the weather and climate condition, which are perfect for growing in the country. In addition, the supply and demand of the rest of the world play into factor in production. Colombia is the…

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