Essay The Count Of Monte Cristo

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The films The Count of Monte Cristo (CMC) and Shawshank Redemption (SSR) share the theme of a man who is unjustly imprisoned for a severe crime; however the two films are truly quite different. Between the films there are a few basic elements that contribute to the theme, such as; the crimes that the protagonists Edmond Dantès and Andy Dufresne are imprisoned for, what the two men wish to do when they escape prison, and the life that they lead after they gain their liberty. At the beginning of CMC, with his ship’s captain in need of a physician, Edmond Dantès journeys to the Italian island of Elba where Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled. As repayment for the medical assistance provided, Napoleon gives Dantès a letter to deliver to a man named Monsieur Clarion upon his return to Marseilles. Shortly after arriving in Marseilles Dantès is detained by the French authorities and brought before a magistrate named Villefort. Villefort accuses Dantès of treason because the letter that Napoleon gave to Dantès to deliver to M. Clarion has information about the schedule of the guard watch on the Island of Elba. As a result, Dantès is sent to Chateau d’If, a French prison equivalent to Alcatraz, for the treasonous act that he intended to commit. Even though Dantès’ intention was not to carry out treason against his country, by concealing the fact that he had a letter from Napoleon, it incriminated him because of the assumption that if the contents of the letter…

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