The Counselor 's Role As A Counselor Essay

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I feel that the counselor has learned a great many things from him, some of those things being patience, compassion, and what the true meaning of determination is, and how his role as a counselor plays into these things every day. In addition I think that the counselor learned that you have to believe in yourself and have hope and that with that strong belief you can make it on your journey, as Steve showed him. I think that counselor also learned that he can give students guidance to help overcome their obstacles no matter how big or small they are. As well as the understanding that it may take time for his guidance to be put into place. I think that the counselor’s behaviors that may have changed as a result of working with Steve would have been that he would truly take the time to listen to someone’s story before just making a pre-judgment or thinking that he has the answer to something as he did when Steve first came in. (Halstead 2000) stated “Our office manager informed me that a student had just walked in requesting to talk to a counselor about his difficulty sleeping. My first thought was that a student coming for counseling on a beautiful afternoon and presenting with sleep disturbance would be dealing with the typical issues of a new student adjusting to college” Other behaviors that many change as a result of Steve are that at first, the counselor may have doubted Steve and thought perhaps that college was not for him, but after seeing and hearing what he had…

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