The Council Is Thin, And Will Grow Ever Thinner Essay

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“Now my boy, I have need of you. This business requires the church council,” he says.
Perta stops as the servant girls linger on, discussing who should pick up my dirty clothes. They move on, and Perta switches from Latin to Hebrew. “You’re one of them, or you will be. The council is thin, and will grow ever thinner. We must prepare some things first. There will be a great deal of things we must sort through, and I will need you to know of it,” he says to Hanau, ignoring both Sara and I for the moment.
I wait for him to say something to me about the council, but his attention is solely on Hanau. Women are allowed on the council. If the council has need, then I should be allowed in, even if my Father is in prison, and unable to give his blessing.
Perta stands, walks over to the door, and turns to say, “Hanau, say goodbye to the girls, it will be some time before you will be free enough to see them. They can go to the temple for tonight of course, and gather your things. They can use one of chair lifts, and send it back with the servants.”
If he didn’t walk out right then, I would have thrown my cup at him. To ignore us, and then treat us like some of his servants. I walk to the door, prepared to leave. I see Hanau doing the same thing. I take my dirty clothes away from the Egyptian slaves, who are commenting on if they had ever been washed. I almost let it go, but I am ticked off at their master, so I turn and say rather politely in Egyptian, in a tone I’m rather…

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