The Cost Of Prep School Essay

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The Cost Of Prep Schools. Pencey Prep, a prep school, has affected Holden in his journey, throughout this novel. He should be removed from these Prep schools, and moved to a public school. Society likes to judge prep schools without actually ever attending one. The standards are so high for the students at these prep schools, like Holden, so they are pushed until they break. Teachers and parents want to see the student succeed, but sometimes the standards are hard to live up too. Life at the actual prep school may not be too fun either. Students experiences vary at prep school, but holden seems to have no luck at any. Holden is often judged, ridiculed, and put on a pedestal, because of his prep school attendance. A considerable amount is expected out of Holden, like how Holden 's family wants him to get his life together. Teachers, like Mr.Spencer, want him to start applying himself. "I 'd like to put some sense in that head of yours, boy. I 'm trying to help you. I 'm trying to help you, if I can"(Salinger 8). This is part of the speech in which Mr. Spencer told Holden he could do better with his life. Holden doesn 't like to be given lectures, because it makes him feel bad about himself. Everyone is trying to help him, but he just can 't do what they expect. Holden goes to the most amazing schools, but he is having trouble succeeding. Students have to take tests to get into schools like these. This is to make sure that the students are “qualified”(R. Walker 1). This…

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