Essay The Cost Of Minimum Wage

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A new law, that involves raising the minimum wage, has recently passed and is now in effect in the state of California. The law was put into effect in hopes that it would give minimum wage employees the opportunity at a better life, reduce poverty, and bridge the gap between the low and middle class. This law has been put into effect as a solution to these issues. Finding a solution to large scale issues that affect many people is not a simple task. It is important to look at all of the effects of a possible solution, positive and negative, before setting that solution into motion. The decision to raise the minimum wage is going to result in a vast amount of effects on the economy, small businesses, and individual families. How the economy is affected by the raise of minimum wage is very important. There are many goals that President Obama has determined that raising the minimum wage will meet. These include a stronger middle class, helping parents make ends meet, providing a decent living for working families, and reducing poverty and social inequality (“President Obama’s Minimum Wage Proposal” 12). These potential outcomes would benefit many people and families over the years allowing them to improve their living situation.
Part of the President’s plan states that “A stronger middle class is key to a stronger economy” (“President Obama’s Minimum Wage Proposal” 12). This is supported with evidence from well known companies and economic studies. The article…

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