The Cost Of Health Care Essay

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What are people think about health care in these days? Imagine what will happen if there is no health care? Health care is really important to us. All of us need health care, and also we need to take care of ourselves to stay healthy. Why do you think the government increased the cost of health care? The reason they increased the cost of health care is because most people in this world do not care about their own health. The governments want their people stay healthy and have a long life. What will happen to developed and developing countries about this issue? The high cost of the health care has caused many problems, especially for people in developing countries. To begin, I think the governments are worried about mortality rates in their country. They have fought to decrease high mortality rates. It was become more difficult for the governments …show more content…
People in China still believe that Chinese traditional medicine is more curable than these days medicine. According to “The New York Times”, “health care costs are far higher in the United States than in any other advance nation…”, medicine is expensive in developed countries rather than developing countries, and also they have rising faster than before for more than forty years (The High Cost of Health Care). I also heard from my grandmother that older men and women in China have taught their descendants, so until today most hospitals in China were using traditional treatments and medicine. Because of the high cost of health care, Chinese people have opened clinics everywhere, so they can cure sick people, and sometimes the costs ware cheaper than hospitals. The governments have a high ego; moreover, they just want the money from rich people, so they increased the cost of health care. But they did not think about poor people. They need to find a clinic using traditional medicine and they do not have to pay for the

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