The Cost Of Expansion Came With A Huge Price Tag Essay

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Susan, Dena, Professor and Class,
In no uncertainty, the cost of expansion came with a huge price tag which was secondary to supply and demand. In an economic sense, whenever there is scarcity of a product, the price will increase. As stated by one of my classmate, “there are acres and acres of land and few people in the farming. Therefore, landowners had to find someone to do the work because of the lack of machinery. Most English people very prejudice towards all races, I could write a book of what had happened to my Dad while working in England, after World War 11. As we discuss this topic, the British people continue to believe that they are the only white race that was created on the planet earth. One thing I knew is that, I had never seen a “White male or female” however, I had seen all other shades of colors. No disrespect to my professor or classmates, what I have seen in “beige or partial vanilla”. To prove this, just stop by any hardware store, Walmart or Home depot and you will see that there are multiple shades of white colors. There is an old notion that goes like this “black is black and white is white. By putting themselves into classes such as (upper-upper, middle-upper, middle, middle-lower and low or lower-lower class) resulted in resentment and bitterness among races. Additionally, I still have 3 siblings and other members of the family that resides there.
In fact, they targeted low and lower class males and females and use them as indentured…

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