Essay on The Cost Of Electric Cars

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The value of electric cars is increasing by the year. They are becoming smarter and more efficient. But they are becoming farther out of range for the average person. Are the prices getting farther out of the reach of the average middle-class person?
Cost of batteries
The cost of the batteries is extremely high in price. They increase all the time because of the materials they use to make the battery stronger. One battery is around 20 thousand dollars. They last approximately 8-10 years. The batteries are all different shapes and sizes some big some small but the majority of them are big. Most of them cover the whole floor length of the car others fill where the trunk would be. The bad thing about having the batteries in the trunk or under the car is if they get hit or cracked they can ignite into flames because the lithium ion is extremely flammable when it hits oxygen. Bower 2
Difference in Cars
There are many different types of electric cars some makers are Tesla which makes the models. Another maker is Audi which makes the A-3 Tron. There are also many other types of cars that are made. Almost every car manufacturer makes some for more electric cars. there are also hybrid cars. how those work is simple. They have electricity and gas to run off of. They have the option to switch one or the other so if you want one-one day or another-another day you could. It also helps so if you 're driving on…

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