Essay about The Cost Of College Students

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Children have been asked for centuries what they want to be when they grow up and the typical answers that were given included firefighters, cops, nurses, doctors or veterinarians. However, when children are asked this question they do not consider the costs of achieving their desired careers. The costs of going to college are significant, not only is college very expensive but, it also takes a toll on the students mentally and emotionally. Therefore, college students need to stay at home and go to college to save money and heartache. Staying at home for college is beneficial for high school graduates due to the comfort of family being close by, the enormous price reductions and the conveniences of studying close to home. Thus being said, going to college is great, however, it is very expensive and, therefore, college students should try to save as much money as possible.
Money is a tremendous component in today’s society, and a college degree seems to be the best way to become well-off. According to Max Nisen, after 20 years in their career, graduates earn $25,000 more than those without a four-year diploma (Nisen). However, college is extremely costly, in fact, the average price, as of 2009 and 2010, of staying in the dorms and going to college per year was $15,213. That adds up to $60,852 over a four year period. That is a great deal of debt that college students will graduate with. With regard to this fact, there is a better way that students can go through college and…

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