The Cost Of College For College Essays

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Money, Money, Money
(A proposed solution to help lower the cost of college)

You paid how much for that?! Hearing this during discussions about clothes, cars, and even houses isn’t uncommon. People are blown away by the amount of money we spend on our possessions, but not commonly about college. The cost to attend college is increasing constantly and is proving to be a real problem for students. Young college students are finding themselves weighed down with debt and are forced to start making financial decisions that are very complex and influential. Some colleges are even offering classes that will help college students understand the financial decisions they’re making and help guide them in the right direction. Many of us wish we had a savings account big enough to completely cover the cost of college, but for most of us, this isn’t the case. The expense of college is overwhelming and very stressful when you think about how it may affect your future. Figuring out and planning your financial future in college will be much easier if you take into consideration these three things: the total cost of college, scholarships, and student loans. First of all, a huge part of planning for your financial future is knowing the total cost of college. You can’t set your goals without knowing your limits. To start, we need to look at the technical part of the cost. For example, where are you going to school? If you’re going to a University as opposed to a junior college you…

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