The Cost Of A Public Universities Essay

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In 1983, the cost of a public universities was $3,433. That figure would be in the value of the dollar at its current market value. The price in 2013 was $18,110. That figure is also using the current value of the dollar (Fast Facts). In thirty years, the cost of a bachelor’s degree has increased approximately 527%. The costs and time to attain a college degree is expensive without a doubt. A chart published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the employment data for people over 25 years of age based on their highest level of education the chart illustrates people with only a high school diploma 4 to 5 percent were unemployed in 2016 compared to people with a bachelor’s degree who have an unemployment rate between 2 to 3 percent (Table A-4). In today’s job market, there is a great deal of uncertainty. Is a post-secondary education worth it? A post-secondary education or training is most definitely worth it as long as one chooses the right major and university, attains post-secondary training beyond high school that is relevant for current times, and college will make one well rounded thus making him or her more marketable for better jobs.
A college education is not going to guarantee anyone success. If one does research on a major that is in demand, one will increase his or her odds of secure a well-paying job. One should also select a college with a good reputation in the field one decides to study. Certain college majors are more valuable than others. College majors in…

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