The Cost Of A Free Education Essay

733 Words Nov 24th, 2015 3 Pages
The Cost of a Free Education With demand and supply, education would fall under the demand side and the cost of education would fall under the supply side. If community college education were to become free, there would be many effects in many different areas, both positive and negative. After reading this prompt, it took me a while before being able to fully understand this question. I had to go search online and do extensive research into the federal budget, financial aid, grants, loans, graduation rates and average university tuition cost. A higher education is an individual choice, it becomes your right to make the decision in regards to further yourself, but acceptance is not always guaranteed. Being the age of 20, I understand I am still very young, but from what I’ve learned and been taught nearly nothing is free, especially when our government is involved in anyway. There is the cost of the building, supplies, technology, salaries, furniture, land, utilities and etc, which are all going to have a bill for someone to pay, but whom? The first thought that came to mind for this question was the taxpayers. The government is going to have to create a budget for this expense and acquire it in some way, a debt this larger cannot just be written off or ignored. We, the taxpayers, are going to see an increase in our taxes to pay off this debt, just as we do know with food stamps, certain housing areas, or any other government assisted help for those who are…

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