Essay about The Cost Of A College Education

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The cost of a college education has caused many discussions and arguments in the last few years. All of the attention that has been put on this issue and concern has helped individuals understand why the cost of education has increased so dramatically in a short time. The choice to write this paper about the rising cost of education is due to the fact that I personally am experiencing the effects of the rise, as I am a full time student myself. From 2001 to 2012, the tuition and fees at colleges and universities, has increased 5.6 percent above what the inflation rate is. A college education was not at the top of everyone’s priority list in previous years, but now with so many jobs requiring an education, more people are seeking an education to obtain a decent, good paying job. A college education is continually rising on a day to day basis and there are many reasons that contribute to this rise. To really understand how and why education has become so expensive requires some research on the history of the rise.
The first issue causing the rise of tuition is mainly due to colleges needing more money to make upgrades to the institutions and also keeping the most up-to-date technology. Alongside of this issue for colleges, there are many other reasons the tuition has risen so greatly. According to The Progressive, states are experiencing tax cuts therefore causing leaders to reduce the funds allotted for higher education. The after effect of this reduction causes…

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