Essay about The Cost And Poor Patients Care

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American health care system is complex and controversial in nature today than in the past decades. The hidden cost and poor patients care are making the system failing to millions of Americans who have the greatest health needs and fewest resources to foot the bill. Americans deserve a healthcare system that provides quality care at affordable cost to all it citizens. Although thousands of solutions have been proposed by health policy management, medical experts, and insurance companies to help serve the exponentially growing number of patient needs to Medicare cost. Sadly, to say all efforts have been ineffective resulting in great variations of out of pocket outcomes and high cost (Conklin, 2002; Peter, 2016; Mund, 2012). This dramatic growth in health care spending is cause for alarm among citizens because it leads to low-quality care for some patients who need it most, and to a point threatening the overall healthcare system in which the poor receives lower-quality care and the rich receives better to excellence medical care. This memo addresses factors that contributed to dramatic growth in health care spending over the past 50 years, etc. This memo also provides an opportunity to inform everyone citizens about the potential health benefits that Regional Medical center can provide for individuals and families in the area.
Factors Contributing to Healthcare Spending
Weiss and Lonnquist (2000) described “the United States as having the most expensive healthcare system in…

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