The Cosmological Theory Of The Universe Essay

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To most people around the world today may just seem like another day in the 13th century, however here in Italy today marks a significant discovery and the first time that the cosmological has been made famous within society. Although we have been told that the concept has been around since Plato and Aristotle, it is not until now that it has been made famous around the world and in Western philosophy. Today marks the day St Thomas Aquinas declared their theory for Gods existence, which has since been named the Cosmological Theory. This theory comes from the idea of Cosmos, hence the name the Cosmological Theory. Cosmos refers to the collection of everything that exists. (Anon., 2004) Everyone believes that God is the sole creator of the universe because that’s what we’ve been told by the church for years, however we have never been told the explanation behind his existence, therefore this theory is significant in proving his existence making Gods existence more realistic.

The most simplistic way to explain this argument is that the existence of something requires an explanation and that everything in the universe requires a cause, and therefore the cause is God. Therefore God must exist. However this theory has a cycle in which we can prove the existence of God or another being that created the universe. The cycle is as follows:
1. The universe exists.
2. The universes existence has a cause or explanation for its existence.
3. The cause for its existence is something…

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