The Corruption Scandal Of The World Cup Essay

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For my blog project, I have been focusing on the FIFA corruption scandal that started in 2010 during the World Cup in Africa. When I was researching blogs, many blogs were viewable however, most of the ones I clicked on were only the main post, they had never received any responses. I luckily found three blogs after a while of searching. The only downside is that the comments and posts on these blogs were not current for 2016. Many of the comments were posted roughly around the exact same time, there was not a lot of flexibility in dates of the posted material. Once I found these blogs, I checked them once a day for about a week. They didn’t change at all. There were never any new posts or comments within them. One of the blogs was posted by the common known website, BBC News. The other two were posted by websites I never really heard of one being called the “Internal Auditor” and the other being called “The World”
The first blog I looked at was titled, History teaches us that Fifa has changed little posted by BBC News. This blog is written by Tim Vickery. In his blog, he takes a historical approach to support his claim that FIFA has always been corrupt, and it is partially because of how popular soccer is continually becoming, and also because FIFA has so much power in the soccer world. Vickery talks about one point in FIFA history when in 1973 Chile was scheduled to play the Soviet Union at Santiagos National Stadium. Vickery goes on to state, “General Augusto Pinochet…

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