The Corruption Of The West Indies Based On Gangs, Drugs And Politics

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Documentary Review
Documentaries have been around since the 1890’s, with Workers Leaving the Station by Gus and Liere being the first recorded documentary ever made. Now there are documentaries that have been created in the world with a whole range of topics from human life to technology and video games. This review will feature two documentaries that cover about the corruption in the West Indies based on Gangs, drugs and politics.
The first one is called Cocaine, Corruption and Murder in Trinidad and has been created and produced by Danny Gold a reporter for Vice for two years. His past works are Gangs of El Salvador, Origins of Ebola and Rockets and Revenge. In this documentary he talks with locals and officials about the drug trafficking and crime rate issue in Trinidad, which is projected to be not getting better anytime soon. Many blame the government in the documentary for not paying attention to its slums. Although Danny Gold is a Vice news reporter, Vice doesn’t really describe him as anything but a “head staff writer” and “contributor” to their work. On other sites such as the New York Times, Danny Gold gets a little bio that describes him a as, “a freelance journalist based in New York, that focuses on breaking news, crime and conflict.” On another website he describes himself as a producer, which he is because he produced Cocaine, Corruption and Murder in Trinidad. Although his documentary was originally a video uploaded to Vice’s main YouTube…

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