The Corruption Of The Human Community Essay

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The corruption of the human community
The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1952. The Crucible shows the events that occur in the town of Salem which is inspired by the McCarthy hearings in the 1950’s. It displays how easily human communities can be corrupted by certain desires of individuals. Throughout the story this concept is shown supported by many themes that display the different factors that account for the events that occur. The themes that are most evident and emphasized over the story are the themes of vengeance, fear and greed these eventually become the reasons which started the Salem witch trials.
It is evident throughout the story that vengeance is one of the main motivations for the accusations during the Salem witch trials, many members of the community have disputes and personal grudges held against each other. And by the creation of the witch trials these people took advantage of the situation and started accusing people of witch craft to achieve their desires. An example of that is how Abigail Williams, accused Elizabeth Proctor of placing a spell on her and stabbing her with a needle, Abigail did that out of revenge after Elizabeth fired her because she discovered that she had an affair with her husband , John Proctor, Abigail wanted tried to get rid of Elizabeth to be John proctors wife, Abigail said to John “ Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be” ( Miller 23). Abigail shows no good intentions and displays…

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