The Corruption Of A Government Agency Essay

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The term corruption simply refers to a “dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people” (Corruption, n.d. para. 1). When you are referring to corruption in a government agency i.e. police department then you will add that the use of authority by a police officer to fulfill personal needs or wants. There are three simple criteria for a “corrupt act” which must all happen simultaneously: (1) misuse of authority, (2) misuse of official capacity, and (3) misuse of personal attainment. (Dantzker, 1995). Police corruption falls into two major categories: external corruption, which concerns police interaction with the public, and internal corruption, which involves the relationships among co-workers within the department. The external corruption generally consists of one or more of the following activities; (1) Payoffs to police by essentially non-criminal elements who fail to comply with stringent statutes or city ordinances, (2) Payoffs to police by individuals who continually violate the law as a method of making money. (3) "Clean Graft" where money is paid to police for services, or where courtesy discounts are given as a matter of course to the police. "Police officers have been involved in activities such as extortion of money and/or narcotics from narcotics violators in order to avoid arrest; they have accepted bribes; they have sold narcotics. They have known of narcotics violations and have failed to take proper enforcement action. They have entered into…

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