The Corrupt Institution Of Policing Of Black And Brown Bodies

2027 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
The Corrupt Institution of Policing of Black and Brown Bodies In the United States, over policing is becoming more noticeable. Partly due to the social media and because it beginning to slowly bleed over into white lives, but it has been a long running issue in the communities of People of Color for many years, and one that has been largely ignored for a long time. Just turn on a television and it’s evident that there is an issue with the way the incidents pertaining to Blacks and other People of Color are handled by the Justice System. Not only that, but the consequences of heavily institutionalized policing cause deeper issues as well. Those include not only the obvious killing of Black and other POC in mass, but an intense amount of harmful self-policing comes into play for those individuals as well. They live their lives under constant surveillance, coming from both external and internal sources. The road to fixing this issue is not an easy one. It is one that takes a lot of time to pave and In the US, there exists an extreme disparity between the amount of Blacks imprisoned compared to whites. Places such as Ferguson, MO are prime examples of this fact. The City of Ferguson’s main directive for its police force is to generate revenue for the city. The easiest way to generate this revenue it to target those who are easy to ticket and police, and in the case of Ferguson, that is Blacks. They are seen in Ferguson, not as people who should be protected, but as targets.…

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