Essay on The Correlation Of Obesity And Diabetes

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Over the last decade the trend of peoples’ weight, and people diagnosed with diabetes have skyrocketed. In 1994 statistics has shown all states had less than 18% prevalence of obesity, and no state had exceeded 22%. In 2013, all states had 18% prevalence of obesity, and inclusive to this data two of the states exceeded 22%. Compared this data to 1994 the trend of peoples’ weight had increased tremendously. The same test was done for people diagnosed with diabetes. In 1994 all states had less than 6% people with diabetes, and in 2013, all states exceeded 6% (CDC, 2015). Often time obesity led (you should change it to “obesity often leads to other health deficiencies” to other health deficiencies, such as being more prone and at greater risk of developing diabetes. This led to research and study about the correlation of obesity and diabetes. Results in controversy about the underlying reasoning and causes of diabetes. The question that will be the primary focus of my paper is: Do mechanisms of fatty-acid induce the development of insulin resistance leading to the cause of diabetes?
Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In 2010, approximately 234,051 people have died because of diabetes. While another 69,071 people have died, with the assumption in which diabetes was the underlying cause of their death (National Diabetes Statistic Report, 2014). Diabetes has contributed to the rate of death in the U.S. each year. It is caused by the insulin in…

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