The Correlation Of Christianity And My Future Business Career

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Looking further at the correlation of Christianity and my future business career, my time at Hometown Health gave me an example of how it can be done. Josh is in the business of comforting people recover from injuries and relieving pain. Moreover, he is also in business as a servant of God, and he runs HH with values and dedication that reflects his faith. He has inspired me in with his ability to implement his Christian life into his business/work life. He is an attentive and dedicated worker with strong knowledge, while also being a tremendous caretaker of his patients. He does not think of them as simply means to making money. Instead, he treats them as human beings in pain or discomfort and wants to do his best in taking care of them and fixing what is hurting them. I am appreciative that I was able to learn from how Josh operated his business, and will look to approach my business ventures with a similar mindset.
When I first came to Eastern, I was an unofficial entrepreneurial major with dreams of being my own boss and creating a business. My sophomore year I switched to business management with an added focus on marketing and took the classes with an entrepreneurial approach, then towards the conclusion of college I was starting to lose my interest in being an entrepreneur. My second internship was an experience that further reignited and fueled my career goal of one day being an entrepreneur and opening my own business (or businesses). When Josh created and opened…

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