The Correlation Between The Level Of Network Overlap And Network Strength

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This paper by Granovetter looks at the correlation between the level of network overlap and network strength. Namely, the paper looks to answer the following question: Is the degree of overlap of two individuals’ social networks correlated with the strength of their tie to one another? Furthermore, Granovetter provides a socioeconomic perspective on the implications of social tie strength- looking at tie strength and job acquisition. Granovetter interviewed a random sample of 54 individuals from an aggregate of 282 respondents to a mail-in questionnaire; the questionnaire provided social network characteristic data, whereas the interviews were used to investigate the behavior of social networks in the context of job acquisition. The study found that many people who are seeking employment learn about positions not from their close friends, but from acquaintances. Additionally, Granovetter posits that weak ties join groups together. That is, individuals are members of many different groups, which are linked together by weaker rather than strong ties. The Strength of weak ties provides a framework for egocentric network analysis and demonstrates that a relation does exist between one’s social network and other social phenomena. Furthermore, the paper theorizes the role of weak ties in information diffusion. This is central to my prediction that social networks of teams are implicated with organizational efficiency.

Organizational effectiveness has been studied by many…

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