The Correlation Between Socialization And Crime Essay

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When society looks at crime offenders, most people assume that the offenders are breaking the law because they come from a broken home, are of non-white ethnic background, live in poverty and belong to a gang. While some of these are true, others are not. Why do people commit crimes in the first place, what makes them think that is ok behavior or is this even preventable behavior that society can stop? These are great questions, which makes this essay take a closer look at how the influence of socialization can affect crime. Could it be that anybody is prone to crime, and could improper socialization have anything to do with the crime itself. In this essay, it will examine the theory behind this thought process. When looking at the correlation between socialization and crime, the theory of social process pops up which is where this all started. The social process theory is the interactions and influences over one’s life by others in either a positive or negative way, which can be formed by school interactions, family, friends, or authoritative figures.
So how does the social process approach- an individual’s socialization determines the likelihood of criminality? Under the social process theory falls three other theories, social learning, social control and social reaction. The social learning theory suggests that people learn the techniques and attitudes of crime from a close and intimate relationships with criminal peers; crime is a learned behavior (Siegel, 2012). What…

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