The Correlation Between Self Control And Success Essay

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The Correlation between Self-Control and Success One of life’s purposes is to achieve some sort of success, whether it is personal gain or for the good of the community. For instance, opening up the business you’ve always dreamed of or building a school in a third world country, regardless of the type of success we as humans are constantly seeking it. The achievement of a persons desired aims or prosperity makes humans feel jaunty and more optimistic about life, it is a feeling of meaningfulness to us and to our community. Consequently many people seek out many seminars on success and books on “how to become a millionaire” in order to find that short cut to quick and large success. Unfortunately, the answer to achieve such success is not found in these books but is a disciple that must be self-taught. It is known in the branch of social psychology as self-control, which is the capacity to alter ones responses to make them consistent with a set of standards. The parameters for the standards are made up of what society deems normal meaning that some standards will be compatible in one society but may be disagreeable in other. In the extreme end, in some parts of Africa it is a traditional practice to conduct female circumcision or otherwise known as female genital mutilation (Rahman, A., & Toubia, N. 2000). It is a rite of passage in their culture but in American culture it is deemed savage and detrimental to a woman. What is known today in the psychological community on…

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