The Correlation Between Media Violence And Teen Violence Essay

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The Correlation Between Media Violence and Teen Violence One of the major issues that has characterized public debate since the 1930s is concerns and questions on whether exposure to violent media affect the youth, especially in relation to teen violence. This issue has attracted considerable debate in the recent past because of the increase in video games. As video games have become prevalent in the society and more accessible to teenagers, there have been corresponding increases in incidents and reports of violence and explicit imagery. The increased violence is attributed to increased aggressiveness brought by the psychological impact of media violence on teenagers and the society in general. In light of recent statistics and trends, it is quite evident that media violence has a direct link to teen violence, which has contributed to the emergence of great concerns on the effect of movies and television on young people.
Development of Mass Media The social environment in the contemporary society has been characterized by the increased development and infiltration of mass media (Huesmann & Taylor, 2006, p.393). Mass media i.e. television, computer networks, radio, videos, movies, and video games have assumed central roles in the daily life of every individual in the new social environment. Consequently, mass media continues to have a considerable impact on societal beliefs, values, and behaviors either in a positive or negative manner. Television is regarded as the…

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