The Correlation Between Educational Opportunities And Student Success

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South Effingham High School is a small public high school located in Guyton, Georgia, while Central High School is a large magnet school located in Macon, Georgia. In order to properly assess the correlation between educational opportunities and student success, it is essential to analyze some important factors, such as quality of the facilities, resource availability, and student body composition. South Effingham High School has approximately 1,476 students compared to the 1,082 students at Central High School (Oracle Business Intelligence, 2014). The racial composition of the student body of South Effingham High is almost opposite to Central High. Close to 85.9 percent of the student body is Caucasian at South Effingham High and 10.29 percent is African-American, while at Central, 86.5 percent of the students are African-American and 8.85 percent are Caucasian. Another substantial difference between the schools is the amount of money spent per student, with $15,821 at South and $11,911 at Central. It should be a schools main focus to spend as much as possible per student in order to help them achieve their academic goals by giving them as many opportunities as possible with the latest tools possible. It is important to study these factors because they can either positively or negatively affect a student’s success. If something is negatively affecting a student’s learning potential, it needs to be changed as possible and needed. In comparing South Effingham High…

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