The Correlation And Variation Of Empires Essay

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The Correlation and Variation of Empires
Amongst the three empires of Rome, Greece, and China, widespread variations of religion formed and spread across their respective territories. While the three shared similarities in some fields, they had just as many differences with very distinct differences in the religion held by China. Rome and Greece shared many similarities especially in the aspect that the Romans inherited many Gods that were originally worshipped primarily by the Greeks (Roman Religion). Throughout the ancient times, religion controlled and structured much of what the citizens did in their day to day lives. Due to the impact it had in their daily lives, religion greatly impacted the development and thought processes of the ancient peoples. Religion has shaped and changed cultures throughout history, and arguably for the better. Religion inspired creativity, encouraged peace among people, and helped aid in the formation of morals and enables a person to find belonging where they otherwise may not have found any. The religious practices employed by the ancient Roman, Greek, and Chinese showed many similarities and differences in the way it impacted their day to day lives, and the way their religions of their culture evolved through time.
In the early beginnings, Roman religion was based off of the beliefs that “spirits inhabited everything, people included” (Roman Religion). The belief in this meant that people saw things and cared for things as a whole much…

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