The Corporate Woman By Dr Sapna S.

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The Corporate Woman
By Dr Sapna S. | Submitted On October 19, 2014

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Expert Author Dr Sapna S.
The Corporate woman: A new title of the new millennium. Many connotations are associated with this title, some positive and some not so positive. While the new corporate woman is glorified to be bold, smart, efficient, intelligent, organized, ambitious and independent, she is also feared to be too aggressive,
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While the role of the women, as the family and social managers, has been given much lower status. However, like I said, it is not about this petty squabble. The main focus is to try to understand the multiple roles the women have been playing since ages and its evolution in view of the corporate role of the woman today.

She was a juggler yesterday and she is a juggler today. But to her credit, the number of clubs in her juggling circle has increased substantially. And yet, she walks the tight rope, every day, relentlessly. Sometimes losing her balance, sometimes being pushed over, sometimes reaching the perfect Zen while at others, staring disbelievingly at the mess around her. But juggle, she does. Because that is her nature, that is what a woman is.

Of course some clubs in her juggling circle are larger than the others and some are forcefully made larger by circumstances and people, and yet she juggles
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The man who has not accepted the equal status of the woman consciously, may outwardly be permissive to his wife 's working status, but in many cases he suffers inside every time the wife brings home a salary, makes decision on her won, comes home later than him, expects him to share her domestic work load or is not able to keep up with all the traditional social and familial expectations.

4. In many families today, the working- women have to expend a big proportion of their energy just to appease the wounded ego 's of their counterparts in addition to the other multi tasking.

Workplace Challenges:

1. She is expected to do equal work as her male counterparts and at many places at lesser salaries just owing to her gender.

2. She faces constant threat of sexual harassment, which is an additional burden to her work- load.

3. In many places the male workers are not very comfortable being subordinate to a female boss or leader and the women are given unhealthy treatment.

4. Many male colleagues, do not take opportunities like promotions for the women, positively and often attribute the reason for the promotion to her being a woman and thus putting down her caliber and

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