The Core Principles Of Social Work Essay

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The core values and the core ethical principles of social work are interrelated within the context of competent interpersonal communication skills. It is my intention to describe how they are interrelated and identify circumstances when it might be challenging to demonstrate social work practice that is congruent with the profession’s values and ethics as well as my own. Beliefs are conceptions of how things should be and values are “preferred conceptions” (Hepworth et al. 2010) that are direct how we act and make decisions. The core ethical principles are what are needed as guidelines in order to successfully promote the core values of the social work. Hepworth et al. (2010) state that “the ethical principles…represent the values” (pg. 53) of the profession of social work. Ethics are a moral philosophy comprised of our beliefs and values that guide our course. Shebib (2014) describes ethics as being “the principles and rules of acceptable or proper conduct: (p.3).
Respect for the Inherent Dignity and Worth of Persons
In communicating in such a way as to show empathy, respect and authenticity is to demonstrate the social work value of both the ‘Dignity and Worth of the Person’ and the importance of human relationships. According to Wikapedia (2014) rapport “describes a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other 's feelings or ideas and communicate well”. There are many methods that can be used by social workers in…

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