Essay on The Core Principles Of Occupational Therapy

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Everyday tasks that are carried out by most people can be taken for granted, including getting dressed or even combing the hair. However, these jobs can become difficult for individuals suffering from mental, social and physical health problems. Occupational therapists can help them get back to having a satisfactory quality of life.
The primary role of an occupational therapist is to provide a service to improve and maintain patient’s skills that will help them with their day to day activities resulting in enhancing their quality of life. They can identify the difficulties and strengths to achieve the set goals while working with various medical conditions, learning disabilities as well as mental health conditions.
The core principles of occupational therapy are expanded from many other medical professions including psychiatry, social work, rehabilitation as well as nursing. From my understanding, all of the principles present in occupational therapy have the same amount of importance. Few of the core principles includes equality, safety, confidentiality and privacy, therapeutic frame, competence, empowerment and understanding potential. These principles should be followed at every location, no matter what environment that the therapists and patient are in as well as providing the highest and best quality of professional care.
There is a requirement of principles to help at the beginning of the therapy to establish trust and building up a connection as well as to help…

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