The Core Knowledge Curriculum What 's Behind Its Success? Essay

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Philosophies surrounding education today are highly deliberated amongst education professionals. The visionary philosophical articles examined entitled, The Core Knowledge Curriculum-What 's Behind Its Success?, by Hirsch, Education for Freedom, by Hutchins, Dare the School Build a New Social Order?, by Counts, and “My Pedagogic Creed”, by Dewey, broadened my knowledge of the copious disparate philosophies that configure our educational systems in modern society. Through investigating the works of Hirsch, Hutchins, Counts, and Dewey, along with attributing information from the text book, I was able to progress my own philosophical beliefs regarding education. After taking the textbook survey to determine my philosophical beliefs regarding education, the results I received resembled some of my actual opinions on education philosophies. The survey concluded that my philosophy on education was an eclectic philosophy; meaning that my philosophy was composed of multiple philosophical ideas. My philosophy, in respect to education, incorporated ideas of perennialism, social reconstructionism, and progressivism. The philosophical idea that I find most important today in education is the philosophy of progressivism. Comparing my results with the article written by Dewey entitled, “My Pedagogic Creed,” I was able to unearth many of his ideas that were similar to my own. As Dewey (1897) states in his article, “ Education, therefore, is a process of living and not preparation for…

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