The Core Institutional Provider Of Health Care Essay

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The hospital is the core institutional provider of health care. Yet, for the reasons that follow, as their costs increase, hospitals will be in an increasingly vulnerable position within the health care System the healthcare system in United States is completely fractured. There are hospitals, clinics, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, long Term Acute Care Hospitals, independent surgery centers, private practice doctors and more yet because of economic restrictions. Employees are going in the route of providing inadequate coverage’s in which the liability of healthcare coverage is on the employed. Once we add the current market costs for example, technology, pharmaceuticals, property, human resource salary and benefits to the bill, we discover that the health care premium are increasing than wages. Today’s capitalist market, on the other hand someone obligated to split the expenditure liability associated with care. Many of our pharmaceuticals are non-subsidized so they always looks for a profit while in the United States so that they can utilize the profit for Research Developments. The outcome of this situation has become worsened by been the creation of HMOs, Health Maintenance Organizations, or managed care insurance plans. There is a huge contest concerning these services, their motivation on costs and some feel, not on care and the amount of expense spent on the red tape of health care as different to patient promotion, and yet in most cases. HMOs…

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