The Core Differences Between Creationism And Evolutionism Essay examples

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What is the core differences between creationism and evolutionism? Creationism and Evolutionism(both atheistic and theistic evolutionism) are contradicting theories that try to explain the nature of organismal evolution, they are two very different theories. Creationism states that God does exists and he does interfere in the universe. Creationist believe in the design arguments and believe all that all complexities in our universe are products of intelligent design. While the two different interpretation of evolutionism, atheistic and theistic, both state that evolution happened and makes a biological argument towards evolution, they do contradict on the existence of God. Atheistic evolutionism state that god does not exists and that evolution took place, while theistic evolutionism states that god created the universe and that God let evolution take it’s own course of action without interfering. Theistic evolutionism and creationism both believe that God does exist, while creationism does not believe that evolution took place and that the changes we can observe in nature were made by God. Theistic evolutionism argues that god does exists but not interferes in the universe and rather let nature take it’s own course of action. Sober prefers the argument of evolutionism since he tries to make a biological approach towards how organism have evolved. Both creationism and evolutionism have arguments for and against them. Creationism and evolutionism both are theories that try…

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