Essay about The Core Concepts Of Communication

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To examine the impact culture has on communication the core concepts of communication must first be discussed. Fundamentally communication is the “transmission of information, ideas, attitudes, or emotion from one person or group to another” (Theodorsen and Theodorsen, 1969 cited in Theaker, 2011, pp. 22). The aim of communication is ensure that there is a shared level of understanding and knowledge between the sender and the receivers. Berger (1995 cited in Theaker, 2011, pp. 22) sees that communication occurs on a number of separate levels. Broken down into four distinct parts, they include intrapersonal, your thoughts and ideas, interpersonal which is communication through conversations such as one-on-one. Small group communication for example a business meeting, and mass communication such as speeches. The vehicles that we communicate through have changed over recent years, moving away from traditional mediums such as radio, and letters, Internet now plays an important role in communication, through social media, emails and video chats. While the vehicles of communication have changed how we communicate hasn’t. We still communicate through verbally through the written word but also non-verbal communication is just as vital, such as body language and ones facial expressions.

Culture is a set of social practises, thoughts and ideas, which a group of individuals have in common (Horden, 2015, pp.3). Culture shapes how we perceive the world we live in, by letting make…

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