The Coral Reef Conservation Act Essay

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Ecocentrism is the school of thought that takes the effects on both living and non-living elements into consideration when looking into environmental issues and policies. This is rooted in the belief that all parts of an ecosystem rely on each other to survive and thrive; The tree that grows there relies on the soil to hold it up, insects to pollinate, water to feed it, animals to keep harmful bugs and animals away, and bacteria to keep the soil clean. In ecocentrism, everything works together and nothing is more important than another. Without one piece of the system, everything could fall apart (Withgott & Laposata, 2014).
An example of ecocentrism is the Coral Reef Conservation Act. Under this act, the Coral Reef Task Force maps and monitors coral reefs in the United States and promoted their conservation and protection around the globe (Corals, 2015). Reefs are being destroyed at an alarming rate by both natural and man-made threats. Hurricanes, cyclones, tides, and changes in sea temperature, salinity, and levels due to rain can all have negative effects on sensitive coral reefs (Coral, 2015). Humans have negatively affected the reefs by destructive fishing and overfishing. Harvesting corals for jewelry and aquariums is also harmful. Other events like oil spills may disrupt the coral’s reproductive process. Pollution, of course, is also a major threat as it introduces harmful chemicals, debris, and sediment into the environment (Corals, 2015). The Task Force’s goals are…

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