The Coral Reef And Coral Reefs Essay examples

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Fishing activities are considered one of the three most substantial threats to coral reefs health today (Roberts, 2009). It causes many negative direct and indirect effects on aquatic structure and communities, and in many cases, leads to species extirpation or extinction (Roberts, 2009). Fish species within the coral reef ecosystems play important functioning roles that help support many different coral reef processes (Bellwood et al., 2004). Species richness and high levels of biodiversity are important for ecosystem performance and coral reef functionality (Bellwood et al., 2004). Three critical groups that help aid in the health of the coral reef are, coral eating bio-eroding fish, scraping herbivores which remove sediment and algae, and grazing fish that aid in coral reef overgrowth reduction that result from an overabundance of microalgae. With growing pressures from local fisherman and global environmental shifts, the decline in coral reef communities have direct correlations (Maynard et al., 2009). Consistent fisheries exploitation of predacious and herbivorous fish have threatened coral reefs, specifically in coastal regions worldwide (Hughes, 1994). Overexploitation is the main influence for the removal of these fishes and has had a cascading effect on diversity and aquatic ecosystem structure (Valentine et al., 2005). Otherwise known as the Allee Effect, which is defined, “As populations grow there will often be reductions in the fitness of individuals from…

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