The Coping Styles Of Younger Individuals Essay

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While we all have to face our own mortality at some point within our lives there is recognition that we each face it in a different way. What causes someone to become more equipped with the ability to handle the death of a love one than someone else is a mystery that is intriguing. Does having the ability to witness more things throughout your lifetime better equip someone with better coping mechanisms? Does culture, religion, or lifespan allows someone to handle their own mortality. In this paper I would like to compare and contrast the differences in the coping styles of younger individuals that have recently lost someone or is faced with a life threatening terminal illness versus someone who is faced with the same ordeal that is of an older age. I want to study if there is an intrinsic nature to the way in which we handle death or terminal illness. Does the length in which you live allow the development of dogmatic views in things such as faith, religion, and culture which in turn affects the effectiveness of our coping mechanisms.
Culture and death
Being sympathetic for others that are displaying feelings of hardship and suffering is a natural response that we have grown to expect from humans of all ages. With this article I am attempting to recognize if there is more value placed on culture as a person grows older. This article shows the avoidance of negative expression in times of suffering as the cultural difference between Americans and Germans. Due to the cultural…

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