The Conversion Of Constantine 's Impact On The Church Essay

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Constantine converted to Christianity, but was his conversion good or bad for the Church? The conversion of Constantine “happened during a war against his brother-in-law and co-emperor, Maxentius” (Ferguson and Grupp). The reason that he converted to Christianity at this point was to get guidance from God for the upcoming battle, which showed some interest that he had for the faith. Although he had an interest in the faith he never really followed with what was taught about the faith, like how he did bad things and associated them with God’s name. Although he did things that shed God’s name in a bad light along with the Christian Church, Constantine also did positive things for the faith like expanding the church and allowing Christians to be able to worship in public. Seeing that Constantine did some good things for the faith though does not mean that what he did was good because the way that he did those things was bad. Therefore, the conversion of Constantine had a negative impact on the church. One of the worst things that Constantine did against the Christian faith, which is something that he was suppose to protect seeing as he was one of them, was persecuting his fellow Christians, even though some of them were of different sects that does not mean that they were fair game. “Constantine at this point intervened to threaten with exile anyone who would not sign for it. Two Libyan Bishops and Arius still refused to accept the creed. All three were exiled”…

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