The Conversation Between The Male Speaker And The Assistant Of The Connecticut Police Department

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The conversation transcription used in this appraisal analysis is based on a phone conversation between a civilian named Mark Sanders (a 33 year-old white male in Connecticut) and the secretary of the Connecticut police department (a middle-aged white female). The conversation topic between these two participants regards the new gun-confiscation regulation on those who possess firearms and Mark’s argument on the new law which violates the Constitution. The man initiated the call to the Connecticut police department. The conversation took place sometime after the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, on Dec 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut. This analysis focuses on the speeches of the male speaker.

1. Attitude

1-1. Affect

Throughout the conversation, it is apparent that the male speaker (labeled as “Mark”) has negative stances towards the topic of the conversation since he constantly expresses his frustration for not gaining the answers that he wants to get from the female speaker (labeled as “ police”). Moreover, he assumes that the changes regarding the current firearm laws will violate the Constitution of the United States and therefore, it will bring the negative consequences to the citizens of the United Stated such as being registered as felons and their guns being taken away. His negative feelings towards the behaviors of others and valuing the phenomenon are displayed through his language used to signal his frustration for the uncertainty on the questions he has…

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