Essay on The Convergence Of The Camera Phones And Social Media

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In this essay I will be showing you how the convergence of the camera phone and social media has lead us to survey not only ourselves but others. I will not put too much focus on the origin of the camera phone , rather I will be writing on how social media and the camera phone has shaped us to review our pictures , and the positives that have come with the convergence of these technologies
Although the topic is under great debate, the first ever camera phone was created in May 1999 by Japanese laser printing company Kyocera. The company created the Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210, the phone had a full colour camera which could take still and video images that was integrated into the phone .The phone could sadly only store 20 pictures at the size of 0.11 megapixels (mp). The VP 210 allowed for users to not only take pictures but also send them via email and also the Japanese PHS cell network system. The camera was positioned at the front of the phone which made it difficult for users to take pictures of things other than themselves. At the time this was a downfall, on top of that the photos were only accessible on the phone, which meant the photos were only good if you were looking at them .The Visual Phone led to the rapid growth of the camera phone over the following years.(Mobikyo,2014)
Following the visual phone there was a dramatic increase in the production of camera phones. The camera phone was an instant hit, the years that progressed was mainly focused on development…

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